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¿Quiénes somos?

"De tal palo, tal astilla" ; An expression evoking the similar qualities that bring family together.  Tal Palo is a take on an ever-welcoming experience influenced by the nostalgic flavors and memories of México. 

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We are the Porter Domínguez family.  Aaron and I are proud parents of twins Joaquín and Simone, and little sister Romina.

The dream for Tal Palo began in 2019, when Romina was just a baby. We had just returned to California, after living in Guadalajara, México, for several years. We vowed that we would find a way to keep our traditions alive and keep the children deeply connected to the country they had called home.

As a daughter of immigrants, I have always had pride in my Mexican heritage. This is especially important for me as a mother to pass on to my children. I want to instill in them the same pride, so they can continue to honor our history.

Both Aaron and I grew up in households of small business owners. We were taught at a young age the value of having a good work ethic and given the drive to achieve our goals. We continue to grow as parents and now as business partners. We are both so very excited for our “new baby”.

Beyond a business venture, Tal Palo is a way to stay connected to my community and advocate for the people that I love.

Thank you for supporting our dream.


- Adriana 

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