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A kitchen is not complete without your favorite coffee (or tea) mug! This hand crafted ceramic piece from the state of Jalisco, comes in a range of colors.


Cerámica Avalos is a family business, which started just over 40 years ago with founder Javier Avalos Enríquez.  Now alonside with his sons, Javier and Alejandro, it has now flourished to be one of Tlaquepaque's most distinguised ceramic workshops. In the last years, they have had a great presence in restaurants, cafes, hotels with their line of ceramic tableware.

AVALOS Ceramic Mug

  • Capacity:  9.5oz

    • Features a matte glazed finish
    • imported

    All the pieces we create are handmade; So there are not two items that are identical. There will be subtle imperfections that are considered as a unique part that gives authenticity and originality to each piece.

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