Artisan sandals from Sierra Sur de Oaxaca, by BAKU founders Itzel Enriquez y Jesús Arellano.


These huaraches are handmade with ancestral techniques and original materials from the region.

Made from sustainably sourced rabbit fur that supports local producers . In this region of Oaxaca, rabbit is used for food and Baku repurposes the skins that would otherwise be thrown away.

The soles are made of recycled tires.


Each piece is one of a kind, and a piece of art!

BAKU ARTESANAL Huarache (Natural)

  • True to size (No half sizes)

    Women's size equivalants below

    MEX Size USA Size
    3 6
    4 7
    5 8
    6 9
    7 10

    Due to the nature of the sourcing  - rabbits - no one sandal is the same. Huarcahes will range in color. See photos for accurate shades.