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Basket handwoven from palm leaf, available in your choice of 3 colors.


Empowerment and artisanal excellence are the cornerstones at the foundation of Makaua, a family-owned and women-led company that produces woven products for the home. Handmade by a community of 50 families in a low-income region of Mexico, Makaua employs over 100 people who earn a living hand-weaving palms while staying at home to care for their families. 


MAKAUA Canasta de palma

  • This tabletop basket is modern, minimal and functional. Great for holding all of your little things, it is sure to effortlessly complement any space in your home. Hand-woven and hand-dyed so there may be slight variations in color. 


    Care instructions: Please keep basket away from water and moisture - If dirty, wipe the baskets clean with a damp cloth
    Dimensions:  Diameter 25cm  Height 9 cm

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