Select your choice of these artisal Chocolates de Mesa (drinking chocolates) from CUNA DE PIEDRA Monterrey, Mexico

100% Made in Mexico


Contains 2 discs of 30g to dissolve in either hot water or milk


Cuna de Piedra is a group of Mexicans who are passionate about cacao. Their mission is to raise the quality of life of everyone involved in the process, from those who grow and harvest the land, to those who consume their bars.

Cuna de Piedra is an homage to Mexican cacao. The undying admiration for what is their own moves them to honor and praise it in everything they do.

Each one of Cuna de Piedra's chocolates is a reflection of the best lesson Mother Nature has taught us: good things take time, but they are worth waiting for.

Cuna de Piedra deal directly with those who are in contact with the land, and they only work with those who grow, harvest and ferment in the same place, in that way they ensure that their allies get the highest pay for what their own land provides them.

Their dream is that this practice increases among those who harvest cacao, and that they, through Cuna de Piedra, can be able to support them so they can continue with their millenary legacy.

CUNA DE PIEDRA drinking chocolate

  • 60% CACAO MEXICANO de Soconusco, Chiapas

    The Mokayas domesticated the cacao tree in Soconusco about 4000 years ago. There is archaeological evidence of traces of theobromine found in ceramics dating back to 1900 BC. They were the first to process chocolate in Mexico and most likely they were the ones who coined the word "kakawa" in their Mixe-Zoque language.

    Cuna de Piedra honor this millenary legacy with their reinterpretation of drinking chocolate with fermented cocoa from RAYEN, a cooperative in the Raymundo Enríquez ejido, made up of 28 members who own 50 hectares, lands where cocoa grows alongside other fruit trees such as mamey, pineapple and mango. in addition to tropical flora such as heliconias and majestic ceiba trees.

    Tasting Notes: Low altitude cocoa, fermentation process. Notes of grapefruit, hazelnut and raspberry. Aroma of cocoa and prune. Dense body and creamy mouthfeel.

    60% CACAO MEXICANO de Tecpatán, Chiapas


    Located in the north of the Zoque region, in Chiapas, Tecpatán is a place whose language and culture are threatened to disappear. Today the only inhabitants left in the area are women and children, as most of the men migrated to North America in search of a better future.

    For this Mexican hot chocolate, Cuna di Piedra chose a washed, state-of-the-art cocoa from Doña Elvira Gómez, a third-generation cocoa producer who, thanks to her strength and perseverance, the harvests have resulted in bigger and better year after year. Hidden in the mountains of Tecpatán, some 1,200 meters above sea level, its 100-year-old cacao trees coexist with the pataxte (Theobroma bicolor), mandarin trees and banana trees.

    Tasting Notes: High altitude cocoa, washed (unfermented). Notes of spices like nutmeg and cloves. Aroma of lightly toasted nuts and cocoa. Medium body and light mouthfeel.

     60% CACAO MEXICANO de Chinantla, Oaxaca 

    State cocoa, washed, from the plot of Doña Dionisia García, which is located in a region known as "La Chinantla" within San Felipe de León, a town in the northeast of Oaxaca.

    Doña Dionisia comes from generations of guardians of the Oaxacan cocoa legacy, she is an ambassador of Chinanteca Cuisine, a producer of cocoa and a traditional chocolatier. In its agroforestry plot, biodiversity is expressed in other native trees such as the pataxte (Theobroma bicolor), the achiote, the chicozapote, the mamey and banana trees.

    To create this Mexican-style hot chocolate, Cuna de Piedra was inspired by the traditional "Table Chocolate", or Chocolate de Mesa, from Oaxaca; cocoa, cane sugar and a delicate touch of Mexican cinnamon.

    Tasting Notes: Medium-height cocoa, washed (unfermented), with a touch of cinnamon. Notes of toasted almonds, nutmeg and cinnamon. Intense aroma of cocoa, lightly toasted nuts and a little cinnamon. Delicate body and light mouthfeel.