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With their bold texture and uniqueness, our lava stone coasters make an eye-catching home base for cocktails, soft drinks and wine. The stone has a matte coat finish that makes it look darker to highlight the texture that make each piece special. The coasters come with cork bakings to prevent any possible scratches that the stone might provoke on the surfaces.

Carved by hand by master craftsmen of the Rodríguez family in Jalisco, Mexico.


duplo is a product design company, located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Aimimg to innovate  Mexican handcraft techniques and lead them to a contemporary context. They believe that the union between craftsmen and designers is paramount for mantaining the traditions and adapting them to theworld of today. This is why their design process,dialogue is a key factor for maintaining a collaborative and fair trade in all the different stages of development and production.

Duplo lava stone coasters - set of 4

    3.93" x 0.39" (10cm x 1cm)


    • Cleanse with a cloth or a brush only in the stone part.

    • Due to its natural finishes, the stone might acquire a darker color when exposed to oils or certain foods. 

    • If exposed to water clean immediately the cork to prevent its deterioration.

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