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These are wide, bowl-like vessels for your mezcal, they are shaped that way for a reason; once any alcohol goes into a vessel, it starts to evaporate. That evaporation comes up with all these aromas, but the alcohol starts to bunch up in the fat part in the vessel, and then they’ll travel faster as the mouth gets more narrow, so they’ll literally breeze into your face when you smell it. 

"Don't forget it should be kissed, not shot" as an expert sommelier in Mezcal says. 


Wide bowl-like vessels (set)

Especially designed for Mezcal lovers, these small shot bowls are made of a single-hand-carved piece of volcanic stone, ensuring great durability, material quality and uniqueness in each piece.


In collaboration with master craftsmen Fam. Rodríguez in Jalisco, Mexico.

Duplo mezcaleros - Set of 2

    2.48" x 1.57" 


    • Sink in water the whole piece for at least 15 min.
    • Immediately put it in the freezer for 1 hour.
    • Pour your favorite spirit.
    • Enjoy it cold!
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