In collaboration with master craftsmen Fam. Romo in Jalisco, Mexico. Made of 100% organic cotton with the pedal loom weaving technique, ensuring great durability, material quality and uniqueness in each piece.

"Inspired by the Northern landscapes of Sonora, Mexico and its beautiful natural diversity, we portrayed an abstract representation of a Sahuaro cactus, and translated it into a textile pattern. Woven in organic cotton and using similar natural colors of wool: Beige, Gray no. 1 and Gray no. 2." -duplo


duplo is a product design company, located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Aimimg to innovate  Mexican handcraft techniques and lead them to a contemporary context. They believe that the union between craftsmen and designers is paramount for mantaining the traditions and adapting them to theworld of today. This is why their design process,dialogue is a key factor for maintaining a collaborative and fair trade in all the different stages of development and production.

Duplo organic cotton placemats (set of4)

    • Material: 100% organic Cotton

      Dimensions: 50cm x 33cm


      • Hand wash (preferably)


      • Machine wash (cold delicate cycle)
      • Immerse the mat in cold water with a splash of soap for delicate garments in the affected area.
      • With a small brush gently clean the stain.