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A sake that respects the Japanese traditional craft with Mexican heart.

NAMI results from the clash of two different cultures, encompassing the best elements of each, by blending the love for perfection and the artisan quality of Japan, with the passion, warmth and joy of the Mexican heart.

The secret to NAMI’s distinctive taste comes from the Koji process, best known as the heart of the Sake brewing process. It is believed that those who enter the room where the rice rests for three days, should be in a state of peace and good mood, right-minded intentions and speaking positive words for the rice to absorb the good energy and turn it into a tasteful Sake, otherwise the rice may absorb negative energy that might shift the outcome.

When it comes to NAMI, it’s the dedication of Mexican craftsmen who define this process by transmitting their passion and joy, which are imprinted in the unique fresh and aromatic taste characteristics that make NAMI a top quality artisanal Mexican Sake.

NAMI was born from our passion for Japanese culture, and the commitment to promote the talent of Culiacan, Sinaloa around the world.

NAMI Mexican sake

  • NAMI is Sulfite, Tannin and Gluten-free, and its less acidic and astringent than white wine, which makes it the best accompaniment to a wide variety of food with its fresh and aromatic taste.

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