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Introducing Sol y Luna , sister company of Proyecto Diaz Coffee (Oakland, CA)


Select one of the following loose leaf herbal teas,


-Chai : black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove, white pepper (114g)

-Hibiscus Mint: lemongrass, orange peel (70g)

-Tumeric : oatstarw, licorice, cinnamon, cardamom (114g)

-Chamomile: ginger, cornflower , marshamallow root (60g)





Sol y Luna loose leaf tea

  • From Sol Y Luna...

    "Tea has become that calming force in our busy lives, a way to once again find balance.

    We’ve brought together our ability to source the best ingredients and our experienced palate to provide an elegant and simple infusion of plants, herbs, and leaves. We hope our blends and selections help you find a moment of peace in your daily lives. "

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