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Handmade in Mexico  100% leather


Assembly N° 1 is a wallet designed from a utilitarian minimalist perspective, achieving more logical and comfortable vertical shapes that simplify interaction.


The whole object is built in one piece, without seams. But in addition to this, no hardware was used to maintain the structure in the assembly. 



2-13 cards, cash folded.



7cm x 10cm x 0.7cm


Lo Esencial Assembly Wallet N°1®

  • Lo Esencial arises from the premise of designer Adolfo Navarro to design better objects, simple objects in durable materials that can be used daily. The project was born with the initial goal of designing a collection of objects in a single piece of genuine leather that could provide the greatest possible utility with the least possible use of materials. Beyond being another redundant reference of exclusive and incoherent fashion, Lo Esencial is a proposal with neat, high quality objects, whose functionality, utility and simplicity are reflected in every detail.

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